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We Offer The Following Services

Providing essential support for children in need, ensuring a brighter future through our diverse range of programs.

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Explore heartwarming moments captured in our gallery, showcasing the positive impact we've made on children's lives.

Education & Awareness

Empower communities through our educational programs, fostering awareness for positive societal impact and change.

Regular Hot Meals

Nourish young minds with comforting, nutritious hot meals, ensuring a healthy foundation for their growth.

Nutritious Snack Packs

Fueling potential with carefully crafted snack packs, promoting health and well-being for a brighter future.

After School Program

Inspire and guide young minds in our enriching after-school program, creating a supportive space for growth.

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Empower One Child at a Time

At 1By1 Outreach, we extend a hand of compassion, working tirelessly to make a positive impact, one child at a time. Our services are rooted in genuine human connection, offering support, empowerment, and hope. Together, we navigate challenges, fostering a community where every child's unique journey is acknowledged and celebrated. Join us in fostering lasting impact, person by person.