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We go beyond sustenance – we cultivate environments where children flourish. With a focus on care, comfort, and access to essential nourishment, we’re building the foundation for a brighter tomorrow. Join us in creating a community that empowers, educates, and prepares our future generations for long-term success.

Fueling communities, we champion the well-being of our community’s young minds. Through strategic partnerships with schools and community hubs, we identify and support children susceptible to malnutrition.

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We Are Committed Our Mission Statement

One by One Outreach is a non-profit humanitarian organization dedicated to confronting childhood hunger. We believe that access to adequate, nutritious meals is a basic human right that is foundational for growth, development, and dignity. Our core purpose is to ensure that food-insecure and impoverished children can realize their God-given potential unimpeded by malnutrition or scarcity.

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Connect with us as we provide essential support through various initiatives, making a difference together. Serving the community, one heart at a time. (View More Projects)

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Transforming community through dynamic education and awareness initiatives.

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