yveline carrying a baby

Mission Statement

One by one Outreach is a non-profit humanitarian organization dedicated to confronting childhood hunger. We believe that access to adequate, nutritious meals is a basic human right that is foundational for growth, development, and dignity. Our core purpose is to ensure that food-insecure and impoverished children can realize their God-given potential unimpeded by malnutrition or scarcity.

a photo collage of yveline and a bunch of children with a sack of rice

Vision Statement

Our vision is to feed children in under-resourced communities one healthy meal at a time. We aim to empower families struggling with hunger through awareness, education, and the establishment of sustainable access to nutritional food sources.

Our initiatives serve as a bridge, closing the meal gap for children experiencing chronic hunger issues and fostering a future where every child thrives with sustained well-being.

Who We Are

1By1 Outreach is a dedicated non-profit organization forging partnerships with schools, community centers, and service agencies to identify and support children vulnerable to malnutrition. Through the provision of regular hot meals, nutritious snacks, and educational programs, we strive to nourish not only their bodies but also their minds for a healthier tomorrow.

Our volunteer teams work tirelessly to empower families with knowledge on nutrition, budget-friendly cooking, and establishing healthy eating habits.

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